Smoke-free HSC

From No Smoking Day on 9 March 2016, Northern Ireland’s health and social care (HSC) sites are smoke-free.

This means that smoking will not be allowed on site by staff, patients or visitors.

One in every two people who smoke will die from their habit. By going smoke-free, the health service is taking a big step forward in tackling smoking head-on by making its premises healthier environments.

Stopping smoking is the single biggest thing you can do to improve your health. Creating smoke-free health and social care environments and providing tailored support for people who want to quit their habit will help protect public health.

This move across the health service is an opportunity for many people, including patients, visitors and staff, to quit their smoking habit.

More information on the support that is available is on this website.

How to use the Smoke-free logo

This identity, originally developed by the Western Health & Social Care Trust, has been adopted by the Northern Ireland Tobacco Strategy Implementation Steering Group to be used in line with the MPOWER Framework for Tobacco Control, WHO 2008.

The Smoke-free identity can be used by all organisations and support services engaged in smoking cessation in Northern Ireland. Within this zip file, you will find user guidelines and samples of the logo ready for use.

By following these guidelines you can get the best from the Smoke-free logo.