Workplace 28 day stop smoking challenge - case studies

Norbrook supports employee health and social wellbeing

Norbrook Laboratories Ltd is just one of the many companies that have taken part in the ‘Workplace 28 day stop smoking challenge’.

Commenting on the initiative, Derek Rodgers, Operations Director at Norbrook, said: “Norbrook is one of the largest companies in Northern Ireland to have taken part in the stop smoking challenge.

“It provided us with an excellent opportunity to help promote health and wellbeing among our staff.

“Helping employees to stop smoking not only benefits the individuals and improves their quality of life, it also has a positive impact on the organisation as a whole as it helps to deliver better health in the workforce, increased productivity, improved staff morale and reduced absence due to sickness,” he said.

Gerry Bleakney, Strategic Lead for Tobacco Control with the PHA, commended Norbrook and congratulated the group of staff that took part in the challenge.

“We are delighted to have Norbrook supporting our stop smoking challenge. If a person stops smoking for 28 days or more, they are five times more likely to stop for good,” she said.

She added: “Having support from employers is essential if we are to reduce the numbers of smokers in Northern Ireland. We are delighted that Norbrook has taken part in the challenge and has successfully run stop smoking clinics to help its employees on their journey.

“I would also like to congratulate the individuals who have stopped smoking for 28 days or more and made a conscious decision to improve their health and wellbeing.”

Workplace 28 day stop smoking challenge… Norbrook staff show their support for the initiative.


GRAHAM-Bam Healthcare Partnership – ‘fantastic results from initiative’

GRAHAM-Bam Healthcare Partnership is committed to helping improve the health and wellbeing of its staff.

And according to Attracta Mathews, Community Liaison Coordinator (Health & Wellbeing), GRAHAM Bam Healthcare Partnership that was one of the key reasons for the company taking part in the ‘Workplace 28 Day Stop Smoking Challenge’.

“As an organisation we continually strive to invest in initiatives to improve the health and wellbeing of our staff,” she said.

“Raising awareness of the risks of smoking is of significant importance and one that we actively reinforce.

“We were encouraged by the amount interest in this initiative and are delighted that over 30 of our site operatives have started on the journey of changing their lives and quitting smoking for good.

“The results to date have been fantastic and we will continue to encourage and support staff on their journey.

“GRAHAM-Bam Healthcare Partnership would like to take this opportunity to thank the Cancer Focus NI stop smoking service for working with us to facilitate this positive change and the PHA for its funding of this work."

Congratulations… Shane Gormley from GRAHAM-Bam Healthcare Partnership who took part in the 28 day stop smoking challenge.