Ready to stop smoking

It's great you now feel ready to stop. It may help you in your quit attempt if you’re prepared for the challenge ahead. Hopefully we can help you get ready to quit.

This section:

  • explains what to expect during the withdrawal period;
  • helps you identify what your smoking triggers are and provides you with tips to deal with them;
  • provides information on aids that help you cope with withdrawal symptoms and cravings;
  • gives real life accounts of how people in Northern Ireland have successfully quit;
  • gives you tips on how to avoid relapse situations and provides advice on what to do if you relapse.

Help and support

There is free specialist advice available to help you quit smoking. Stop smoking support services, through GP practices and community pharmacies, are available across Northern Ireland – search for those close to you. You can also order a free Quit Kit today. The Quit Kit is full of useful tools to help you quit.